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Veldhoven, februari 2000

Leadsinger Sven and guitarist Sascha played in a band together, and felt that they had more than what this band wanted. Therefor DEPENDENT was formed. Their punk buddy Ben liked the idea of a new punkband and became the bassplayer. Former drummer Ron also joined the DEPENDENT team. They instantly started writing their own material. After existing for 2 or 3 months, they decided that it was time to record a demo. They contacted studio ochtendhond and recorded three songs, which resulted in a demo with the most perfect punk sound imaginable. A perfect mix of punk, hardcore, and emo.

DEPENDENT decided to put these songs on DEPENDENTs own website followed quickly. They immediately got fanmails from around the world and the songs "looking for you" and "not a special guy" climbed right up the punkcharts. Gijs a friend of the band, at that time playing in a skapunk band, started to play second guitar for DEPENDENT. At that point DEPENDENT started to play shows. From the start they played with big names. Including: The Vibrators, Ryker's, Of No Avail, Strung Out, Straight Faced. After a while the band realized things didn't work out with drummer Ron so he got replaced by Willem, who is now playing drums in DEPENDENT.

Right now DEPENDENT wants to do as much shows as they possibly can. They're currently taking over Europe and are trying to tour the USA in the summer of 2001. DEPENDENT is also looking for a label.

If you're interested in booking shows or if you're a label that wants to sign us, just mail to DEPENDENT at

"Dependent is een veldhovens punkrockbandje, bestaande uit exleden van penalty, de als je maar bekend band en bandits at zero. Deze mannen maken een onvervalst stukkie skatepunk. Rechtdoorzee punkrock, zonder poespas. Tussen de hedendaagse emo/metal/spooky en moshcore een heuse verademing als u het mij vraagt. De muziek doet denken aan het vroege werk van Bad Religion en Good Riddance, waarbij vooral de zanger een verboden kind lijkt te zijn van Russ R. en Gregg G.. Ook de formule is Bad Religion-achtig, ietwat simpele, doch doeltreffende riffs met elke keer een herkenbare zanglijn. De oozin' ahhs bij Dependent worden vervult door 'cheerleader' Chris, wiens samenzang met hoofdvocalist Sven het geheel allemaal wat interessanter maakt. Van Dependent hoef je geen vreemde capriolen te verwachten; straightforward v'town punkrock in your face!" - Teun Meurs