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Bandits at Zero (former punk-ska band of Dependent members: Gijs and Willem)
Penalty (former punkband of Dependent members: Sven, Gijs and Willem)
The Blithering Idiots (ska band from New Jersey)
Softdrink (german band)
Hard Attack (german band)
A riverside epic (punkband from Maine, US)
Meine Herren (german punk - metal - crossover)
Curbsquirrels (punk band from cincinnati, ohio)
Cumshot (dutch punkband)
FFF (waddencore punkrock)
Against time (very cool punk band from Bergen op Zoom)
Generation fuck (emo-core / punk band from Germany)
Stunion P (punk ska band from Amsterdam)
Wagtale (skate-punk band from Utrecht)
Cashless (german punkrock)
The Apers (Punkrock'n'roll from Rotterdam)
The no one (Italian)
Outfreaked nerds (Punk With A Tail... from Venlo)
KZI (Fretjuh's punkrock band from Assen)
SiC (Formely know as ODT)
Antillectual (Fast, melodic punkrock from Nijmegen)
Suuske's photo corner
DP (Or Not DP)
914 productions
Greenfridge records
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