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1 - Looking for you

2 - Not a special guy

3 - Lack of friendship

Looking for you
You pay the price
for your own travelled roads
and what you will become
your friendship and your loyalties
and the wrong that you have done
so afraid of what the others say
so they paint their prints on a lighted wall
lacking the strength for a homemade stand
they will hide out in the doorway
we went out on a friday night
looking for a place where there is no doubt
the backstreet alleys and backstreet pubs
discotheques and the striptease clubs
we're looking for you
Not a special guy
All there is to hold on
strong for the life he shares
and the integrity of the girl
who stood by is side
the friends he has the family he loves
they passed away on a monday morning
not knowing what he has left
and what's to come
but still he's gone and the way he's not
on that day he remembered
what he's got
passed away but did not die
so why those tears
please don't cry
i'm a happy man
not a special guy
the life i lived
i don't wonder why
Lack of friendship
try to fill up
the emptyness in your heart
holes made by your own insecure mind
would you do it different
if you had a brand new start
searching for what's so hard to find
it must be so fucking painfull to know
that you will die alone
never had a wife to call your own
nor a place refered as your own
the lack of friendship
twist of feelings
what are you trying to prove
your multiple faces
screaming attention
who do you think to fool