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The Band

Dependent is a Dutch punkband with ex-members of a/o. Penalty, Bandits at Zero en We Anserene. The band was founded at the end of 1999 by Sven en Sascha who played together in We Anserene at that time. Together with Ron and Ben they started writing songs and three months later they recorded their first Demo-cd. Three fast and fresh punkrock songs were recorded at Studio Ochtendhond and a lot of local punk & skate kids showed interest in this new punkband.

Just before they were getting a few gigs at local bars, Gijs, a friend of the band and at that time bass-player of B.A.Z, joined Dependent to play second guitar. After a few shows (with a/o. Vibrators (UK) and Of no Avail) things didn't work out with Ron anymore, who had different priorities then the other members. With a gig, together with Strung Out (USA) and Straight Faced (USA), coming up Dependent was looking for a new drummer who had the same passion and fire burning. At that time Bandits at Zero, who was blessed with the craziest drummer (Willem) of the Eindhoven area, broke up.

Willem, who has played with Gijs & Sven in Penalty before, immediately showed interest in Dependent and with a few weeks before the gig with Strung Out he joined the band. In those two weeks they practiced harder then ever to learn Willem all the inns and outs of the songs.

Since then this is the current line-up of Dependent:

Sven Slokker - Vocals
Willem de Goei - Drums
Sascha van Dongen - Guitar
Gijs van Engelen - Guitar
Ben Joosten - Bass

Right now Dependent is trying to play as much shows as possible in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries.

We want to thank all the bands and people who are helping us to live our dream!


"Dependent is een veldhovens punkrockbandje, bestaande uit exleden van penalty, de als je maar bekend band en bandits at zero. Deze mannen maken een onvervalst stukkie skatepunk. Rechtdoorzee punkrock, zonder poespas. Tussen de hedendaagse emo/metal/spooky en moshcore een heuse verademing als u het mij vraagt. De muziek doet denken aan het vroege werk van Bad Religion en Good Riddance, waarbij vooral de zanger een verboden kind lijkt te zijn van Russ R. en Gregg G.. Ook de formule is Bad Religion-achtig, ietwat simpele, doch doeltreffende riffs met elke keer een herkenbare zanglijn. De oozin' ahhs bij Dependent worden vervult door 'cheerleader' Chris, wiens samenzang met hoofdvocalist Sven het geheel allemaal wat interessanter maakt. Van Dependent hoef je geen vreemde capriolen te verwachten; straightforward v'town punkrock in your face!" - Teun Meurs


Name: Gijs a.k.a. Dr. G, gustave, guus (old school), sjefke (really old old sckool)
age: 21
What do you do in the band? Guitar
Hobbies: Playing guitar, listen to music, going to shows, soccer, skateboarding (every now and then), play with elze, hang out with my friends and do all the things mentioned above exept for the playing with elze part.
Occupation: Mmmm, school and bummin'?
Favorite albums:
· Bad Religion- generator
· NOFX- s&m airlines
· Voodoo Glow Skulls- Firme
· Blount- Trauma
· Good Riddance- For god and country
· Lagwagon- Trashed
· Slayer- Seasons in the Abyss
· No use for a name- The daily grind
· Beasty Boys- Ill Communication
· Satanic Surfers- Hero of our Time
· Lagwagon- Let's talk about leftovers
· Bad Religion- Suffer (my first punkrock cd!!)
· Nofx- The Decline
· Social Distortion- white light, white trash, white heat
· Metallica- Master of Puppets
· Frenzal Rhomb- Coughing up a storm
· Pennywise- Pennywise
Say something about your fellow bandmembers / crewpimphomies:

Sven: Together with Ben we went to all the Punkrockshows. We had the best time with PENALTY together and i'm glad to join him again with DEPENDENT.
Sascha: This guy is born to be a bum (be pround of it son!!) and is a great guitarplayer....much better then me!!!. Also knows how to skateboard really well. Always in the mood for whatever we come up to.
Ben: Smarter then he might look at first sight. This guy is more punk then me, you and everybody else. He can be really irritating when he gets drunk...but if it's not your house we are in you'll have the best time of your life!
Willem: Becomes the Beast when he gets behind a drumkit, famous for his hot baywatch body and the expressive faces he pulls while drumming. But i miss those huge sideburns boy!!
Chris: My Amsterdam Chill man Fubu Homie, We had the best time living together playig soccer and listening to music day in day out! Now he lives in the coolest part of lucky Fuck! You deserve it after having to move way to often. A Friend for life!
Henk (ta Pimp): Hey man, did you see that Hippie?


Name: Chris a.k.a Chill man Fubu
age: 21
What do you do in the band? Mostly irritate the real members of the band and next to that I now sing three songs together with sven
Hobbies: Music, comics, playing soccer, going out having fun
Occupation: Infiltration!

Favorite albums:
- Face to face s/t
- Bad Religion: The generator
- Me first and the gimme gimmes: Have a ball
- Pennywise: Unknown road
- Bad religion: No control
- Bad religion: 80-85
- Lagwagon: Duh!
- No use for a name: The daily grind

Say something about your fellow bandmembers / crewpimphomies:

Sven: I think he is the one who really started me off listening to punk, I asked him to tape some of his favourite bands for me. That's what he did and with that he sure fueled the fire once more. And Though I tell him that allmost everytime I see him I say thank you again for providing me with these thoughts and stuff.
Sascha: He's probably the most punk guy I ever met, this guy goes out with us all night long without drinking and yet he is still the one who starts messing around and making the room a real punk-ass room. (e.g. he starts throwing clothing through the room which results in a real piece of art, see DR-G's website for a larger version of this story!!!)
Gijs: Pimpbuddy G, thanks to him my hair got blonde and blue and green and eventually it will turn blue again. He is the one who can turn on the radio and put on a CD that is just the right one for that moment. That's one hell of a gift you have there son, hang on to it.
Hebus: Everytime I see him playing his bassguitar I start to smile, I discovered a talent and I'm very proud of it keep on punking dude. He by the way showed me how to drink beer all night long.
Willem: He makes funny faces while playing his instrument, he also talks very funny.
Chris: I think he should be rewarded for being the most handsome bandmember!!!!!!!!!
Henk (ta Pimp): I think he should be rewarded for being the most handsome bandmember !!!!!!!!!

The capacities written down above go for all of the bandmembers I just had to write something down on everyone ! GR REaSPC


Name: Sascha a.k.a Sasquatsch, Assquatsch, Dude, Eej, Bum, Bitch Ass, And really old: Sepulsoesja. Girls always seem to call me: get your penis out of my ass, bitch! I don't know why.
age: 19
What do you do in the band? Trying to touch all six strings of my penis extension, or just say, i play guitar
Hobbies: Well i try to touch all six strings o my penis extension , Trying to make a wooden board with four wheels and two trucks do stuff you only see you only see your dad do when you kick him in the jimmy, Chillin' with those whom i call friends, Trying to bum rides with friends who own a car, and go skating around the country, inventing new ways of masturbation, trying to be a bum for as long as i can.
Occupation: Well you could say that i'm a white thrash bum living of the cash brought in by his parents, eating junkfood and trying to become a big fat fuck. Or you could say i'm chasing my dreams.

Favorite albums:
- overhead: unrestrained
- downshift: ste sault marie
- poison the well: the opposite of december
- metallica: ride the lightening
- choke: needles to say
- choke: give'er
- choke: foreword
- choke: lotion
- as friends rust: everything they did
- morning again: hand of hope
- pridebowl: where you put your trust
- dogwood: building a better me
- kindred/culture: split cd
- ignite: in my time

Prize question: if you can guess my favorite band, you win something.
Send in your answers plus naked pictures of your sister or your girlfriend plus phonenumbers of pretty girls and their cup size to:

Say something about your fellow bandmembers / crewpimphomies:

Sven: I remember a time when he played in a band called penalty. And i just thought, dude! I totally looked up to him. He was like the older brother i always wanted, 6 years older and more punk than me. now together we get off on the music we make. Thanks man. Dreams can come true. Oh yeah, you should see his tits, man!
Sascha: He's the dude you should groupy. He's the most handsome dude of the band. You're not cool if you don't hang out with this dude. i just love this dude. Wait oh yeah, i forgot, i am this dude.
Gijs: He never seases to amaze me with innovating, groundbreaking guitar riffs. Wanna see someone bleed as he plays guitar, watch G bleed! Oh my god we've got a bleeder. He breaks more strings than my sister wears. I envied him once, but now we stand as one. G was the ingredient Dependent needed, and could never exist without. Together we stand behind the wall of double guitar fury.
Ben:He's the one, he's punk. Never try to out punk Ben, cause he'll do something to your arse that you just don't want. It must be hard to go through life with the analfixation he's got. We all should be jealous of him, he's the one with the master afro. Also he's a natural bassplayer, a little fat, a little caveman like. He stands out on something you and i can't cope with, he's a smart dude. Can't say that about you. He's like Doc Ben.
Willem: Willem is like a man's left testicle. Always there just hanging being a hairy bitch ass. but he's also the driving force of the band, he feels the pouding in our hearts, and turns it into the fast beat we all love so much. You should definately look at his face while he's drumming, I never saw so much facial work, with someone who plays with his hands. He's also the one who makes our band tighter than your wornout asshole.
Chris: I'm jealous of chris, he can take the rules, and just break them completly. He lives to be punk. He's more punk than you, and me goddamned. If you thought there was only one moon. Check out chris at a Dependent show, and see for yourself. Chris has two moons!! He'll be glad to show them to you, if you pay him a gentle fee. hey chris, i loved our collaboration on gratitude. That one's for you dude. Straight outta the heart.
Henk (ta Pimp): He's my idol, i wanna grow up to be a pimp just like him. You're blessed if you have deserved presence while he's devouring a kiwi. He's also the one to blame if the Dependent sound sucks live. Never blame the band, always blame ta Pimp.


Name: Willem a.k.a Willem "free the birds"
age: 23
What do you do in the band? play the drums and impressing the other bandmembers with my superiour musical skills. Once tried to do some oozinaaz but...well...uuuhm
Hobbies: Playing the drums and doing gigs with the band. Listening to punkrock and drinking/doing soft drugs with my punk-friends. Actually taking lessons in "how to play the drums",which is very enlightening.
Occupation: Right now I carry a lot of beer from one point to the other . Lucky for me Sven assists me in doing so.

Favorite albums:
- Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsies
- Lagwagon - lets talk about feelings
- NOFX - ribbed
- pennywise - pennywise
- face to face - resignation
- peter pan - killermachine
- good riddance - for god and country
- bb king - live at the regal
- good riddance - songs of ...
- Jimi Hendrix - Axis: bold as love

Say something about your fellow bandmembers / crewpimphomies:

Sven: " no-good drinking alcoholic " , but also for me the first one to ever introduce me with this thing called PUNK(music). Listening to punk makes you wanna ge tup and smash something or someone even when you are too stoned to even get up at all. Oyeah this guy also picked me of the streets when I was down and out and fucking unemployed and provided me with an awesome occupation ...sjaaa!
Sascha: "straight edged guitar freak" , this guy is insane and yet very talented. He has the ability to actually skate on a board,( something i have never done, and don't need to cause I play skate-punk in the greatest band ever)... anyway mister van Dongen knows what he's doing when it comes to writing songs and getting us gigs! Oyeah did I mention he is straight.
Ben: "educated punk wannabe " , This guy is unbelievable who would have thought, the most punkest gu(a)y around with absolutely no musical skills( we was wrong) picked up a bass and started playing in a band. At first I wasn't too sure...but now he has proven to be a full musicalmember of Dependent. He also drinks and parties a lot.
Gijs: "lame ass bitch" , Dr. G , from now on also known as "when drunk one hand in the air trying to screw your punkbuddies in the ass and pulling down his pants while doing so." Excellent bass and guitar player. He made sure the bandits songs didn't get boring with his genius bass-shit. Now with sacha an awesome mixture of fast-forward melodic punk noise.
Chris: : "oezinaaz slave" , Punkbuddy and bandmember as well. Dependent does not function without grist. Helps Sven when he needs it. GRATITUDE!!!! GRATITUDE!!!!
Henk (ta Pimp): hippy-ass punk-sound manipulator. No need to say more.


Name: Ben a.k.a beer-bong hooligan
age: 23
What do you do in the band? drink beer, irritate mostly Sven and play the bass
Hobbies: Music, soccer, Claudia, going out, having fun and doing the punk-rock thing.
Occupation: molecular biological technician

Favorite albums:
- Face to face - resignation and their live cd
- Bad Religion - recipe for hate
- Pennywise - pennywise
- Lagwagon - trashed
- No use for a name - The daily grind
- Slayer - south of heaven
- NOFX - ribbed
- DEPENDENT - demo and new cd which is not recorded yet
- Raised fist - ignoring the guidelines
- Ignite - family

Loads of other bands but I'm to lazy now to mention them now

Say something about your fellow bandmembers / crewpimphomies:

Beer Bong Biggest Belly Sven:
Sven and I know each other for many years now. At the beginning I think I definitely was the bigger drinker with the biggest belly of he two of us, but now he's the beer king. Since this dude has been working at this bad ass bar called the Wildeman, his belly has been growing non-stop.
I remember that a couple of years back, we used to dream of playing in our own punk-rock band, but I never thought that that was ever gonna happen, because neither one of us could play an instrument. So when he first said to me that he was gonna sing in his former band PENALTY, I definitely had a good laugh cause I couldn't imagine him singing. But amazingly as it is, this dude could actually sing, and he was fucking good at it to!! I'm really proud of him of what he does with his voice and how he manages to come up with new singing lines every time. I hope he's gonna reach his (our) life's goal some day soon, being the most kick-ass punk-rock band ever. dr. G:
This dude has been playing guitar since the day he was born. I know him from high school and he's always in for more PUNK, a quality that I definitely appreciate in this guy. This punk gets drunk very easily, and it's always funny when he does. I'm pretty grateful to this guy cause he's one of the dudes who teached me how to play the bass. It's really cool to be in the band with him and when he plays, he plays like crazy, possessed by the devil or something like that. You should see the faces he pulls, it will bring you nightmares.

Definitely the biggest lame ass I ever met in my life. I know this dude for two years know, since the time he started playing with me in WE ANSERENE. I was, and still am, quit amazed about his guitar skills and how easy he comes up with his amazing new guitar riffs and for that pretty jealous at him. Also I cant understand that this straight dude is still not fed up with me and the band, cause when we get drunk (which happens pretty much every time we meet) we can be quit irritating for this sober dude. A big wish for me is to ever drink a beer with him, but after the punk-rock time we spent together I know that is very unlikely to happen, so I'm just gonna have to continue irritating him when I'm drunk and he's not, hehe.
I actually don't know where I met this guy first, probably during local gigs with his former metal and grunge bands. Yeahh man, this dude used to be metal too and he was more metal then me. Luckily he's a punk-rocker now who likes to talk about punk, sex and alcohol, also my favorite subjects. He's always ready to go partying and at the end of such a night, he's normally way to drunk to communicate with us and all he says then is punk, punk, punk, more beer/sex, punk and punk-rock. He's also well known for the crazy faces he pulls when he's playing the drums, it's hilarious to see him smash those drums sometimes.
He came up with the idea that I should learn to play the bass, definitely one of his best ideas ever if you ask me. Pretty cool night to when that happened. We called each other by phone, both totally wasted after ManU won 2-1 to Bayern Munchen in the champions league final, and decided to start a beer-bong punk-rock band with him as singer and me as bass player. So next day, I hit my first notes on the bass and 2 months later punk-rock band WE ANSERENE was born. Sven was playing the drums, haha, and Sasch was playing the guitar (occasionally dr G stopped by to handle the bass drum cause Sven couldn't do that part). Definitely a cool time we had. Now Chris is our male groupie who's always exited about our new songs. This beer buddy also sings a couple of songs together with Sven, pretty cool thing to see him do that cause he always totally wrapped up in the music when he sings. Punk-rock for life dude!
Henk (ta Pimp):
He used to be the cool d.j. at the Bakkerij, this bar where Sven and I used to go out. This dude only had to see us come in, and a few minutes later this hippie bar was transformed to the coolest punk-rock place you can imagine, with Sven and me moshing on the dance floor, kicking all the hippies out. Now he improves our sound during gigs, drinks more beer than the whole band together and eats a lot of kiwi's, quote "the kiwi is a wonderful fruit". I hope he will continue with his thing in the future.