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16-04-01: Added more pictures of our gig with Strung-out !
07-04-01: Added some more links (Softdrink and Hard Attack)
04-03-01: Dependent is now featured on the epitaph demolition page.
03-03-01: Dependent is playing at De Hofnar in Valkenswaard tonight, come to support us to make sure we will make it to the next round of 'De wraak van Brabant' contest.
17-02-01: Today is our gig with Strung-out! It starts at 8 pm and there are still some tickets available there !
06-02-01: Added the DEPENDENT biography
01-02-01: Added some cool links

21-01-01: Dependent has a new drummer: Willem (he took Rons place behind the drums)

21-01-01: Take a look at the official flyer of our gig with Strung-out (17-02-01 in Venlo)